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CSI: New York
Danny Messer/OC
Big ol' Mary-Sue. Love it.

When Danny first meets her she’s leaning against Adam’s car, one foot propped up against the wheel well and her arms crossed over her chest. She is hunkered down into her jacket, the hood of the sweater she’s wearing under it is pulled up over head and she’s wearing a pair of those Australian sheepskin boots under a pair of loose fitting, well faded, well worn blue jeans. Her jacket is dark green corduroy, double rows of buttons and it cuts off just lower than the waist of her jeans. She isn’t looking up at him, rather she’s hunched over huddling against the cold.

“Shit,” Adam laughs and it’s incredulous, disbelieving and when she looks up at them her smile is brilliant. She takes two steps across the concrete and Adam lifts her up so he can hug her, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist, “shit!”

“Hey squint,” her whole face crinkles with her smile as he sets her back on her feet and she cups his face in her hands, turning it this way and that as if to get a better look at him. Danny has tucked his hands into his pockets and he’s watching this whole thing play out half amused and half jealous. The girl is beautiful in this understated way, like she doesn’t care how people think she looks because there’s more important things going on. Danny thinks it might be nice to have a girl like her smile at him like that.

“What are you doing here?” Adam bats her hands away like this is a thing that he’s used to and shoves lightly at one shoulder, Adam’s a tall guy but he stands just a few inches over this girl and she shoves him back, bumping her knuckles against his collar bone. She’s wearing mittens, little brown mittens like kids wear. Adam laughs again and runs his hand through his hair, “aren’t you supposed to be in some igloo up in Canada?”

“Very fucking funny,” her nose wrinkles and she hits him again, this time harder, more directly on his chest and her body turns a little, as if she’s shunning him for the joke. Her eyes catch on Danny and he nods, flashes her that smile of his that always works and only feels a little bad because it’s Adam’s girl. She cocks her head to the side and reaches up to push back her hood. He likes those mittens, “who’s this, squint, one of your little lab buddies?”

“Oh, oh, yeah,” Adam gives a stuttering little laugh and flashes Danny a bright smile, bumping his side against hers as he swivels to better face the detective “Abs, this is Detective Danny Messer, he works at the crime lab with me. Danny this is Abigail MacGillivray, she was my dungeon master at Carlton.”

“Dungeon master?” Danny’s eyebrows lift and he leans back a little, watching the slender framed woman with different eyes. He can’t really picture her swinging a whip but maybe it’s the mittens. The two exchange a look and laugh, Abigail leans into Adam’s side.

“No, like Dungeons and Dragons,” her nose wrinkles again and he gets the distinct impression that she’s laughing at him. Danny’s a little bit okay with that, even if this whole D&D thing means that she’s as big a geek as Adam is. She half twists her body so she is looking up at Adam “anyway, babe, I gotta bounce. I’m teaching at NYU now, heard you were working down here. Call me up and we’ll do a campaign or some shit.”

As she heads down the street Danny comes to stand beside Adam watching her go. The woman can’t be more than twenty five at the very oldest and she’s a university professor? He shakes his head and a little smile plays at his lips.

“Your girlfriend’s cute, Adam,” he offers, sincerely meaning it. Good for Adam though, bagging a girl like her.

“She’s not my girlfriend, in fact I’m pretty sure she’s single.”


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