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Welcome to the opening post of Breaking Canon! Woo freaking hoo. Um. I think it's just the two of us but hey! There could be more soon!

So this is a Mary Sue because she's fully me. However it's also a crossover, au, noncanon pairing fic because she's also the main character in my novel series. So yeah.

Sky High.
Warren Peace.
G. I don't even think he swears.

Firefly and Lightening Bug
Theory of Exokinetics was boring. The one hundred level class had been boring and Warren just knew that the two hundred level class was going to be just as boring. It was still a mystery to him how Warren and Layla had talked him into wanting a higher education anyway. As if superhero high school hadn’t been ridiculous enough here he was a superhero university. Or rather, Gladius Pax U. The Sword of Peace.
The hippie had a good chuckle about that when she’d gotten around to translating that from Latin to English.

It wasn’t even that he didn’t understand why someone like him ought to take all the Exokinetics classes he could find. It made perfect sense to him that he ought to learn everything he could about his own powers. He just didn’t know why it had to be so boring. His powers weren’t boring, they weren’t dusty and dry. He could feel them every minute of every day, shivering and hot just under his skin. They were alive and they were thrilling.
So why couldn’t learning about them be just as thrilling?

The back of the lecture hall was already full which wasn’t really that surprising. Exokinetics had a habit of having a bad attitude, it had something to do with them embodying aspects of whatever energy it was that they produced. Hot heads and ice queens.
He slumped into a seat part way down the lecture hall, not close enough to the windows that he’d be to tortured by watching everyone who was free outside. Class wasn’t due to start for another ten or so minutes but it didn’t do to be late for class when your teacher was Professor Sinistra. She may have been teaching one of the single most boring classes Warren had ever taken but she was hellish when crossed and she had an issue with tardiness.

He was watching his hand, snapping a flame on and off over his index finger, when he felt eyes on him. He stopped what he was doing, took a slow breath and turned his head to look up at whomever it was watching him. He had to shake his hair back from his face to do so, it was still long, not as long as it had been in high school and the red streaks were gone but still long enough that it got in his way from time to time. He saw her in parts on the way up: black Converse All Stars, skinny jeans and hips and thighs that were almost too round to be in skinny jeans, a pale blue tee-shirt, one raised eyebrow. The girl watching him had a pretty enough face, dark eyes and a wild spill of full, bouncy waves around her shoulders. If he looked at her objectively he liked the way her legs filled out her jeans, the way her long tee-shirt bunched around her hips.

Didn’t mean he liked her staring.

“Can I sit here?”

“What?” Warren hadn’t been expecting that and he hadn’t been expecting to believe that if he said no she’d walk away. There was something in her face, though, that said she would listen to whatever he told her. There was also something in her face that said something he was doing was deeply entertaining to her.

“Can I sit here?” she asked again, voice warm and low as she gestured to the seat beside him. A few mismatched silver and copper bracelets jingled prettily on her wrist and he watched them catch the light for a second, “I don’t feel like sitting right up front with the keeners.”

“It’s a free country,” he almost growled it at her, it was supposed to make her less interested in sitting near him but that arched eyebrow just lifted higher. He thought it might disappear into her hair line next time he did something that, for whatever reason, she thought was funny. He rolled his eyes and looked away “I mean, yeah. Have a seat.”

And Will said he was rude.

There was a long moment of quiet between them, the only sound the steady click of his fingers and her rummaging about in her bag. She was spinning her pen in her fingers as she settled back, notebook braced on the small table she’d flipped up from the armrest. He had brought a pen and everything but it was sitting in his bag, ignored on the floor and it certainly wasn’t as pretty as the sleek silver fountain pen she was toying with. In fact Warren was pretty sure he’d stolen it from Will’s half of the dorm room. He heard her bracelets jingle before he looked up and saw her waving at a few people at the front of the class. Still she didn’t get up and sit with them, just flashed the two boys a wicked smile and watched them take seats farther down the lecture hall.

“I’m Chelsea,” the girl finally introduced, turning in her seat to face him. Warren hadn’t turned back away just yet so he had to meet her dark eyes. She held out her hand to him and didn’t withdraw it when he shot her a look.

“Warren,” his hand closed over hers as he flamed up, if nothing else she wouldn’t be so quick to touch him again. Chelsea didn’t even blink. Electricity crawled along her arm and where their hands were touching a waterfall of brightly coloured sparks were cascading harmlessly onto the floor. Apparently fire and electricity made pretty coloured fireworks.

They both let go at the same time, neither one looking down at their hand to check that they weren’t burned. Chelsea just gave him that infuriating, amused-by-him smile of hers before she turned back around. Warren watched her for a second longer before he turned his attention back to the front of the class. A few people were watching them, attention drawn by the shower of sparks but Warren paid them no mind.

Maybe Theory of Exokinetics wasn’t going to be so dull after all.


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Jul. 1st, 2008 07:34 am (UTC)
-high five-

Righteous, dude.


(Will most likely be posting somethin' myself tonight/tomorrow. MWAHAHAHA, ECT.)
Jul. 4th, 2008 07:17 am (UTC)
Hee, I so love it. Plus, you so fiiiiine.
Jul. 4th, 2008 07:29 am (UTC)
yeah, it's cute. indulgent or no. and i don't even read this fandom.

oh, and not to divert but...

forget what i said about there being no basis for race/skitts.


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